Monday, 28 May 2012

Car Watch-Primrose Hill's Mini's

1976 GT
1995 100
One of the last Coopers in 1999

Watch Off Vs Casio's Sarah Salter's husband, Mr Salter

Casio's Sarah Salter celebrating her birthday, spurring Mr Salter on...
Result-Lost, Mr Salter's support and white matching was too strong!
Happy birthday Sarah!

Car Watch-Knightsbridge

1920's Railton 
1980's Ferari

1971 Fiat 500

David David store 36 Earlham Street, Covent Garden

A perfect pose by Daphne Selfe
Thanks to David David

The World's Oldest Supermodel-the incredible Daphne Selfe

In my garden 
Together at my exhibition opening this month. Daphne featured in it last year
Daphne posing at Madonna in a Gaultier replica outfit
An article about Daphne in last month's Mail
Thanks to Daphne!